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Opportunity Inc. was formed to fulfill a mission of assisting Companies with less than $100 million in sales to reach their NEXT LEVEL and to hurdle obstacles preventing them from reaching maximum profitability.

There are thousands of consulting firms that cater to large, public Fortune 1000 Companies. We have found that there are few that focus and have the expertise to address the unique issues of entrepreneurs who are working to grow smaller Companies. A smaller company must go through many phases on its way to becoming larger. The NEXT LEVEL can be achieved faster by using our process that identifies high impact priorities and focuses on improving the fundamentals of your business.

For over two decades we have assisted hundreds of Companies and supply each prospective client with a list of CEOs who they may call as a reference to our ability to get results for you and your team.

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Why We Are Right For Your Business
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It isn't often in business that we can say results far exceeded expectations. Yet, without a doubt, through your higher standards and goals developed with…  

- Kris Michaelis, Manager - Training & Dev., General Electric Supply

This will in fact be the fifth consecutive year that we have invited you to be a principal speaker at our flagship “Growing the Company” conference, and…  

- William C., Taylor, President, Inc. Magazine

Engaging Opportunity Inc. is proving to be one of the most significant decisions I have made...  

- Jon Aleckson, President Madison Productions, Inc.

I have been working with Opportunity Inc. for eight years with two Companies that I own...  

- Susanne Cobey, CEO Eagle Crusher.

Working with Ron has given us the opportunity to see the world of business through experienced eyes...  

- Nora Holzwart, President Northeast Photocopy Co., Inc.

When describing what it is like to have Opportunity Inc. involved in my business, I'd list PRODUCTIVE...  

- Nik Froelich, President/CEO Saber, Inc.

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Troubled Company Turnaround

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The NEXT LEVEL Process

Ensure that your profits will not diminish as the company grows in revenue learn