• What is the single most important thing a potential client should know about Opportunity Inc.?

    Answer is: Opportunity Inc. customizes a growth strategy to improve profits while creating an infrastructure that supports the growth.
  • What makes Opportunity Inc.'s service valuable?

    We work with the client on an on-going basis to produce the results. Our experience comes from running Companies and from the best practices of all our clients for over 2 decades. We have also learned from many of the issues that our clients had to overcome.
  • Once a client signs on, how and where does Opportunity Inc. begin?

    There is a process of analysis and development of a customized plan. Then we create a time line to complete the action items and metrics to measure the results.
  • What are the most common problems Opportunity Inc solves? The most unique?

    Typical problems solved include organizational issues, finance issues, partner or shareholder issues, operational and process issues, strategy development issues. Unique to us is the fact that we often become involved in working on family issues that are affecting the business in closely held firms.
  • What is the basis for Opportunity Inc.'s strategic and tactical plans? What is examined to create these plans and tailor them to meet clients' needs?

    Every aspect of their business is analyzed.

    We review the following:

    • Financials and Cash Flow
    • Internet Strategy
    • Gross Margin Analysis
    • Marketing Plan
    • Sales Plan
    • Organizational Structure
    • Territory Strategy
    • Acquisition Strategy
    • Current Strategic Alliances
    • Pricing Elasticity
    • Customer Base
    • Customer Service
    • Performance
    • Vendor Relations
    • Interview Key Managers
    • Key Strategies
    • Budgets
    • Current Visions
    • Current Culture
    • Incentive Programs
    • Current Roles and Responsibilities
    • Personal Desires of Owner
    • Current Goals and Initiatives

  • Please provide a specific example of how Opportunity Inc's efforts resulted in your client's increased profits.

    A client with approximately $2 million in sales was losing money. They were within months of closing their doors if improvement was not achieved. Five years later, their sales are in the S14 million range and profits are mid seven figures.
  • How does Opportunity Inc. approach collaboration with clients? Are clients reluctant about giving up some control?

    We become our clients’ coach and confidant. We are their non-judgmental sounding boards. They know we have the company’s best interest at heart.

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