Our traditional engagement is not the production of a report that is not used. Following our assessment we normally spend one day per month at each client’s site: working as a member of the management team, refocusing priorities for the next 30 days and doing ANYTHING necessary to assist the ownership to meet their objectives.

The process concentrates on producing greater profits in the short term (6-9 months), but also focuses on developing longer term business generation, infrastructure, and management development that will be needed as the company achieves the NEXT LEVEL. The process is designed to constantly keep the company’s development ahead of growth in sales. This ensures that profits will not diminish as the company grows in revenue.

Each client is analyzed and benchmarked against hundreds of prior clients to develop a completely customized plan for success. Our consultants work with your management team to tailor the process to ensure that your consultation objectives are achieved. Our consultants work with your management monthly to ensure we stay on plan.

The process has worked in many diverse industries and focuses on the fundamentals of business. The Companies we work with are typically less than $100 million in sales and are controlled by less than five individuals. We approach each client with the goal of assisting in completing four key phases of change that are the formula for success:

  • Assessment
  • Change Implementation
  • Infrastructure / Process Implementation
  • Performance Acceleration

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